Sulyman Qardash, stylistically known as QARDASH, is an Afghan artist who relocated from Kabul to San Francisco in 2013. Famous for founding Kabul Dreams, the first rock band from Afghanistan, QARDASH has recently announced he will be pursuing a solo project. His new music will continue to draw inspiration from his punk rock roots, but will blend elements of electronica and synth-wave, sounds that served as the backdrop of his new life in California.

QARDASH uses music to illuminate the challenges faced by those with multi-hyphenate identities: as a refugee; an immigrant; and an Afghan in America. As an independent artist, QARDASH rejects the comfort of large production teams and instead, embraces a DIY modality. After learning how to record, distribute, and promote music in Afghanistan with minimal infrastructure and technology, he has parlayed that experience into his latest project, leveraging the abundance of resources available to a stateside indie musician.

His first single, “GHSTMTHR” was released in September 2022, and is available everywhere music is streamed.

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Management Contact: Alykhan Kaba,

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